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Northern Monk // Rob C Art // Purpura

This first beer in a new Patrons Project with the talented Rob. C. Art sees us team up with our old friends from across the Pennines, Track. They continually knock out exceptional beers from their small arch in Manchester, and it’s always a pleasure to work on new ideas with Matt and the crew, albeit this time at a distance.
We decided to put together a fruity sour IPA packed with berries and autumnal fruits. The grist features plenty of wheat for the depth and silky mouthfeel it contributes, and we upped this mouthfeel further with a small addition of lactose in the boil. For hops we selected Mosaic for the hot side, where it brings notes of blueberry and overripe tropical fruits. We then selected the more subtle stone fruit and strawberry notes of Hallertau Blanc for the cold side additions.
During fermentation we added a combined 200g/l of purees and juice, leading with raspberry and sour cherry, and backing up with blueberry and plum. Besides bringing a radiant red/purple hue to the liquid, the fruit delivers a tangy acidity to the beer, backed up with tons of juicy flavours, all rounded out by the silky base beer underneath.


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Northern Monk




440ml Can


IPA, Sour