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La Trappe Quadrupel Oak Aged

The 25th Oak Aged batch during the 25th anniversary of La Trappe Quadrupel. The head of this clear, amber-brown ale remains fragile resting on the ale like a thin silk blanket. This accentuates the scent of vanilla, followed by the scent of almond, honey, caramel, oak and malt. A refreshing scent clearly dominates, reminiscent of white wine (floral and slightly sour). The first taste clearly gives the impression of La Trappe Quadrupel, undeniably followed by the refreshing and fruity wine aroma and shifting to an alcoholic heart-warming aftertaste. This aftertaste is emphasized even more by the aroma of the Kirsch, with a hint of cherries. Oak also has a clear and modest presence in the aftertaste, giving the ale a light smoky character.


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La Trappe




375ml Bottle



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